How to plan a home birthday party

Things have been quite upside down lately and while most of your plans must have been cancelled, we would highly recommend you to celebrate your birthday because you are turning a year older only once and may be this birthday can cheer you up. Gathering a small bunch of friends and putting up kids birthday party decorations will surely be a much enjoyed activity. So here are some tips to get you started:

  • Pick a theme

This is the first and probably the most difficult step of all because there are always going to be so many confusions about the theme which is the most relatable one. For children, picking the theme will be easier as they are mostly inclined towards cartoon characters and nature inspired themes. So pick a theme and then work through picking decorations.

  • Invitations

Now because it is a home birthday party and COVID too, there is only a minimal number of people which you can call over so if the number is small, why not consider making the invites yourself? Craft out some homemade invites as they are the most exciting ones to receive and fun to create as well. You can mail them the old fashioned way and this will be something unique and different than the usual.

  • Smartly choose guests

Having a kids party would mean you may also need to cater parents because young children can’t be left alone. So be smart when you choose guests because your house may or may not be big enough to fit these many guests. Call only the children who can be handled alone and ones that your child enjoys playing with. This is what would make up for the perfect guest list.

  • Decorate every inch of house

Collect all the supplies which you find all around your house. It can be party balloon Dubai, banners, streamers, ribbons and posters. Get crafty and creative with it all types of decor because there is nothing more fun than finding decor in every corner of the house. You can even leave the decor on for a few days and reminisce the moment.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. Birthday planning can be quite frustrating and exhausting but you need to let yourself loose and for a minute enjoy rather than stressing about different things.

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