Importance of lighting

Just like interior designing, where placement of every object, color combination, right selection is all that matters, the same goes for lighting. Lighting is not only about making the place visible to the eyes, in fact it goes a lot deeper than that. The perfect lighting have a tendency to change and lift our moods, make things shine brighter, it’s right placement can make the space look bigger and brighter. When lights are perfectly blended with the seamless decoration and perfect interior, it can do wonders.

Lights are considered an important part of decoration because it is all about giving accent to the place. There are different colors of light associated with different moods and the right kind of light could help you in enhancing certain aspects of room which wouldn’t be visible if the light is not placed the right way. There are several companies working on audio visual Dubai who themselves have concluded that if the light is not in its correct form or placed at the right position, it can ruin the whole essence of a place.

Lighting companies in Dubai are working on creating such kinds of lighting elements that would double the fun and beauty of a freshly interior designed room. There are different types of lighting used such as ambient lighting, accent lighting, aesthetic lighting and task lighting which can be used at different places for different purposes.

Ambient lighting is more of a soft gentle light which has a dimmer that could be adjusted according to your feelings and mood. On the other hand, accent lighting highlights certain features or architecture of a place such as a lamp shining upon a piece of wall art which illuminates the living room with its presence. But accent lighting is used solely for the purpose of decoration which thus explains the hanging lamps and beautiful wall lamps.

While the task light is completely unrelated to decoration purposes and is used for carrying out tasks which require strong and visible lighting that would reach every corner of the room and this is usually found in offices or workplaces where certain tasks need to be carried out and that’s why every lighting holds its own importance and purpose because of which it is used and benefits different fields.

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