Interesting facts about internet

Internet, internet and internet!  We all use internet and adore it the most. After all,  it is the only source if enjoyment for us right now but still we do not know anything about it! 

Do you want to know your friend more? 

If yes then read below! 

  1. There 3.2 billion users of internet today and more than half of them (1.7 billion users) belong to Asia. Thus, it means that millions 3 billion of Google Searches and 200 billion mails will be required to wait if internet would go down for a day. 
  2. Around 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Hackers have highly technological computers by which they detect vulnerability of a website and then hack it easily. So, avail the best virus protection from virus scanner software
  3. Chinese have camps in which they treat internet addicted humans. Majority of the addicted people fall into the age bracket of 15 to 35 years old. Their studies say that 40 percent of internet addicts are suffering from ADHD. They have 200 million internet addicts in internet addiction treatment clinic. 
  4. Around 204 mails are sent in each minute and 70 percent of them are scam. 
  5. Internet needs 2 billion electrons to produce a single mail. 
  6. 50 million horsepower is needed to keep on running internet in the exact state. 
  7. Today the maximum speed of broadband internet is 100Mbps and science has reached it limit because fiber optics could not take data anymore. 
  8. However, there are some people who have not used internet. They are one-third Italian adults and 9 million residents of Britain. 
  9. Around 61.5 percent of internet traffic is due to malware and internet bots. 
  10. Nowadays, everyday 269 billion emails are sent but majority of them are spam. 
  11. The first website of the world has been running still,  yet it is not glamorous because it has text and links only. 
  12. Internet and World Wide Web are two different terms. Internet is a network of computers and www is a connective part that let you to use that network from anywhere to get information. 
  13. The first image uploaded on internet was of a women’s joke band. It was taken from CERN lab. 
  14. According to Google, only 0.004 percent of content is available on internet which makes 5 million terabytes of data. 
  15. More than 1.9 billion websites are present on internet,  according to studies of 2018’s October. 

So these are few facts about internet which might shock you aur make you laugh that how is it possible to have internet addiction camps which are handled by army or how can there be people unaware about internet. 

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