What you should teach students in classrooms in this era

Scroll down and learn what you can teach in class in this era!

  1. Communicative skills: Today we have everything. We are facilitated the most. The only we needed the most, right now,  is communicative skills. There is great need to teach children that how they should present themselves with the help of verbal communication. They should be taught that how they should speak in public,  in small gatherings or anywhere. They cannot speak in the same way in all areas. At many times they have to be formal and at many times they have to be mixture of formal and informal. Teachers can teach them to talk by giving them platform to discuss different topics. Instead of giving lecture, they can teach a topic by discussing with them. Similarly, they can involve with them in class activities and playing time to let the practice their speaking skills. The more they practice to talk, the more they will learn. 
  2. Social issues: There should be a class at least  once a week in which they should be taught about social issues. In this class there should be discussion on social issues. There are many things and topics they can discuss like harassment, abuse, rape, porn and many others. They should discuss one issue at a time for at least an hour and teachers should encourage them to try to take out solutions too. Furthermore, they can discuss taboos too like sex, contraceptive methods and many others. 
  3. Practical science: Teachers should encourage them to approve science they are taught in their practical life. They should give then projects to make different small machines like they can be given task to make a machine that can hold the chalk or pick up a wrapper to clean the room and many others. In this way, they will learn to use the learned information on their practical life.

Gardening: Technology is snatching away greenery but there are ways to keep the grocery in the world alive. Schools can teach students about gardening and plantation. They can have at least one class a week in which they should practice gardening and learn to plant different vegetables and fruits at home. Schools can also plants their own vegetables and fruits by using methods of hydroponics farming in Dubai or visit the websites of aeroponics farms in Dubai in which you have to visit the learn to plant your favourite flower by observation. It will save money of school which is spent on food. You can use that money for the activities of students.

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