What is your mouth hiding?

Your mouth is house to several organs. Each of these organs in your mouth play an important role to carry out digestion. Each of them has their own importance and benefits. Do you want to know that what your mouth has? If your head is nodding then look down and read the whole article!

  1. Teeth: It is the most important part and organ of your mouth. They are responsible to carry out 50 percent or half of the digestion by chewing and tearing the food which result in breakdown of food components which make the work easier for stomach to process and absorb the food. It is considered as one of the strongest part of the body. There are 32 teeth that are arranged in two sets. Each of them have 16 teeth. If you would ask about types, so, there are four types or kinds of teeth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Incisors are in front of your mouth. They are followed by canines, premolars and molars. Premolars and molars are too much behind incisors and canines. All of them have different shape and size on the basis of their functions regarding chewing, tearing and cutting of food. All of them are supported by gums and jaws. 
  1. Gums: gums are softer part of mouth than teeth. Each teeth is supported by a small bundle of gums. They consist of roots of teeth which they are supporting. They are much more sensitive to hot and cold. That is why there are toothpastes which ensure to make them strengthened and doctors, on the other hand, advise their patients to increase the intake of such foods and drinks that make them stronger because they can be damaged and injured easily. Patients with weak teeth or damaged gums are recommended to have crunchy fruits that are rich in vitamins to improve their mouth health. Besides this, you can include milk, apples and vegetables in your daily to ensure protection.

  1. Jaws: They are stronger than gums. They are responsible to support each set of teeth. However, care is needed. Besides support, they are meant to give shape to your face and hold all teeth at one plane. Doctors or dentists or health care specialists that work in dentist al barsha to provide the whole treatment of braces in Dubai recommend their patients to drink a glass of milk, eat a bowl of yoghurt and cheese every day to keep jaws strong and firm. Besides this, the patients are requested to brush their teeth slowly because fast brushing could hurt their gums and jaws.
  1. Saliva: It is the liquid and transparent secretion in mouth that help your teeth in digestion. Its function is to get mixed with food because they are rich in enzymes that break the food compounds more and more and make digestion faster. It consists of 95 percent of water. There are many foods that boost its production. 
  2. Tongue: It is flashy organ of your mouth which is responsible to send food to esophagus- a pipe that goes to stomach and other organs.

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